Yay! Weed is legal in Canada, and you’re definitely happy about it. However, before you feast into that weed, there are some facts that you still need to know.

You know, cautiousness is paramount to your activities in life.

That being said, here are 7 facts about weed that you should know:

1. Has more than 200 slang terms 

Weed has over 200 slang terms including marijuana, including pot, herb, cannabis, grass, widow, boom, ganja, hash, Mary Jane, bubble gum, northern lights, fruity juice, gangster, Afghani #1, skunk, and chronic.

2. Looks like a plant?


It IS a plant!

Weed looks like a plan with green-brown colors that blend. It also looks like it has already been shredded.

It is actually a dried leaf, flower or stem from the plant Cannabis sativa.  The chemical delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the active ingredient for altering the mind, but still for medical purposes, and this is one reason it’s legal in Canada.

3. Smoking it is the most common way 

Most people smoke week. They roll it onto a cigarette “joint,” refill an emptied cigar casing to create a “blunt,” or smoke it in a pipe or a water pipe “bong.”

Another way of taking weed is eating different extracts from the cannabis plant itself. Some people also use it as an ingredient in baked food like cakes and cookies or tea.

4. It is an illegal drug in some states

If you’re smoking or eating marijuana in some other country, you may have to be aware of their rules. It is legal in Canada doesn’t mean it’s legal everywhere. In the United States most especially, smoking weed is highly illegal.

5. It affects the body negatively 

Weed can affect your brain cells and give you cellular reactions. It would also cause bloodshot eyes, accelerated heart rate, swollen eyelids, impaired memory, dry mouth and short term memory loss.

You would also have difficulty thinking and learning when you take marijuana in excess. Your driving skills will be affected, and you would have an attention deficit.

6. A person can develop an addiction

When you take marijuana, no matter how you plan it, you have the tendency to develop an addiction for it.

This would also cause you to misuse the weed. In addition, if you start taking marijuana before you’re 18 years old, you’ll develop high addiction for it as you grow into an adult.

How to know you’re an addict?

If a drug makes someone compulsive, then it automatically means the person is already addicted. This is something weed can do to you– it makes you become really aggressive to people around you.

7. No specific medication to treat Marijuana Problems

If you already are an addict and you need to treat this, there is actually no medication to treat it. However, the most effective treatment is going to a group or individual therapy session. Many addicts also go to rehab to recover from the abuse.

If you begin to encounter problems with weed and you’re suspecting addiction, talk to a family member, friend or doctor to help you out.