Dogs are extremely great pets, and they’re very interesting to observe. However, there are times that they do weird things that you may just wonder ‘why?’

Your dog is your pet, and there are things you still need to understand; for instance, you need to understand why your dog eats poop.

Here are the reasons:

1. Dogs are natural Scavengers

Unlike humans, Dogs are natural scavengers and they are attracted to scent. They don’t easily get disgusted by poop like we do, and that is just one reason why dogs eat poop.

2. Parasites

There are parasites in the intestines that can absorb the nutrients that dogs get from their food.

If your dog starts to eat its poop, then it means he has this issue with parasites.

3. Deficiency of Enzymes

Dogs actually create enzymes in their body. However, they are not enough to complete the digestive process as effectively as it should. These enzymes they need to get have to be from their food.

Meanwhile, if there is the presence of a deficiency, the dog may start to have ailments and crave its own poop because it is full of nutrients.

4. Hydrochloric acid deficiency and Malabsorption

This deficiency happens with age or as a result of bad diet. It leads to poor digestion, and your dog may search for nutrients in his poop to overcome this deficiency.

When the nutrients from your dog’s food doesn’t absorb into his body, he may start to eat his poop.

5. Malnutrition and Underfeeding

If you underfeeding your dog, then he is prone to start eating his poop because he is often hungry and his master isn’t doing well in the aspect of feeding him.

If you notice that your dog loses weight or some flesh, then what are you waiting for? Feed him more regularly than you used to.

6. For a neat environment

When a female dog wants to keep the environment clean for her puppies, she tends to eat her poop to clear the area. Also, other dogs may want to help out to clean up. Cute, right?

7. Attention seeking

Your dog may feel left out whenever you’re too busy, and since he loves you just too much, he’ll do anything to gain your attention.

He may not have eaten his poop before, but he’ll think it’s a way of making you redirect your focus to him. “Wow!” is what he’ll want you to think.

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8. Learning from the elderly

When a little dog sees an older dog eating poop, that little dog will take up the same action. It’s just like learning from the “best”.

9. Boredom

This is funny but true. If you’re out for work or on a date, your dog may just have nothing serious to do. Out of boredom, he’ll just eat his poop, the end.