A crow at the YVR Airport’s is pooping all over and causing chaos.

“Occasionally birds make their way into the airport terminal. We use a variety of methods to catch and remove birds from indoor spaces and bring them safely back outside”.

It also specifies how the birds cause chaos when they poop all over and ruin artworks:

“Usually birds in the terminal pose no impact to operations, nor show any signs of distress. However, their excrement can be damaging to our beautiful artwork. In some cases, our art maintenance and curation team will cover artwork to prevent any bird excrement from landing on the items”.

Airport staff also warn that no one should feed the crows at the airport:

Stephanie Rieger 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇨🇦🇪🇺🍵@stephanierieger

“Please refrain from feeding the crow” Which does beg the question…what does the resident YVR airport crow eat?

Many travelers are surprised at the crows being at the airport and share it on Twitter:

Manuel Fonseca@Manuel555

I’ve never seen this, but apparently it’s common to see crows flying inside YVR airport!!

Adrian Myszka@adrian_myszka

Has anybody else met the @yvrairport resident crow? Apparently it’s been here a few months now after losing its way. @AirCanada staff have just stopped by to offer it a treat.

Sheila Malcolmson


Know you’re back in BC when…
there’s wildlife in the Vancouver airport. Check out the crow!

Seen yesterday, @CanningsNDP


Despite the numerous questions about how the crow got in,  the Vancouver airport has provided some answers.

On their website, the airport explains:

“As the largest building in BC, with hundreds of doors and windows, birds can make their way inside the terminal from time to time. The open architecture inside the building allows the birds to find their way to almost any area within the terminal. The birds typically find their way out on their own, however, some opt to stay”.

However, this doesn’t mean that the airport does nothing about the crows. The airport says that the birds can be very hard to remove from the terminal. “This difficulty is compounded by security requirements, making it difficult to provide exits,” said the airport on their website. This could be the reason the YVR crow may have potentially been there for reportedly several months.
Finally, after the airport staff have caught the birds, they release them into the wild where they belong.