Thinking of where to get cannabis in Toronto?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re in Toronto and looking for a place to buy weed. We’ve made it easier for you to locate a cannabis store close to you.

Here are 10 Cannabis stores in Toronto:

1. Canna Connoisseurs :  17 Church Street, Toronto

Canna Connoisseurs gives you the most desired strains from all over the world. The store sells pre-rolls, concentrates, oils, and creams, whichever type you want.

2. WeLeaf : 5  Bruyeres Mews

WeLeaf serves patients all over GTA, and they are located in Toronto’s downtown core. People refer to it as Toronto’s premier ‘Cannabis delivery service’. It opens everyday which makes it convenient for you to stop by any day you’re free.

3. MMJ Canada : Multiple Locations in Toronto

This store ensures that they restock the most popular strains more often than ever. This is because they want to stay dynamic and keep up with the trending strains. In addition, they want to be diverse in order not to sell the regular. They have branches at Vancouver, Ontario and others in Toronto.

4. The Green Buddha :  792 College Street, Toronto

The Green Buddha is actually a nonprofit collective that collects so many flowers, concentrates and other products. Their products are extremely affordable and this is to ensure everyone can afford them.

5. Eden : Two Locations in Toronto

Eden in two locations in Toronto. The store was the first organization to pass the CAMCD (Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries) accreditation program. What’s more? They also gained industry certification. When you buy cannabis from Eden, you experience great customer care and a safe environment.

6. Zen Zoo : 480 Queen St. West

Recognized for their high class environment, Zen Zoo also offers different strains of marijuana for you. It is located in the heart of Downtown Toronto.

7. The Toronto Dispensary : 33 Kensington Ave

If you’re a first time buyer, this is the best cannabis store for you. They deliver the greatest cannabis with high quality, ensuring the prices are suitable for you.

8. Cloud 6ix : 331 Spadina Ave

Cloud 6ix offers you the cheapest Cannabis, especially when you need it in a flash. There are daily deals for $5 with different strains being sold. You would also be able to choose the right strain for you.

9. Mother Earth Dispensary : Multiple Locations

This store has high quality products with tested medicines from all over Canada. Their products are completely organic and unprocessed. They ensure that chemicals aren’t added to the products.

10. Weed The North: Spadina and Eglinton

Weed The North has variety of strains and experienced staff with pleasant services. It is also a great place for first-time buyers in Spadina and Eglinton and offers them free sign up.